FAQ on Submission Type

A1 I’m only interested to submit abstract only. Will I be invited for publication in JCLEPRO SI?

Both “abstract” only and “full paper” submission may be invited for publication in JCLEPRO SI, subjected to the scopes of the study and the quality of the Presentation Slides submitted.

A2 Why should I submit for “full paper”, while “abstract” only already allowed me to present the paper and having the opportunity to be invited for the JCLEPRO SI? How about presentation mode (either poster or oral)?

All the accepted full paper will be published in CET journal (if you have agreed to pay the extra Publication fee), i.e., a Scopus indexed journal, regardless on the submission type and presentation type.  On the other hand, for those who only selected “abstract”, no paper will be published in CET. However, the paper will still stand a chance to receive the invitation for JCLEPRO SI.


A3 If I choose “abstract only” submission, do I need to submit a full paper?
No. There is no need to submit a full paper. No extra proceeding will be provided. The abstract will be saved on a shared drive and will not be published online. You only need to submit the Abstract only. However, you still require to complete the registration and payment to entitle/confirm a presentation slot

A4 Can I change my submission type after submission?
Please contact technical team (iclcatech@gmail.com) to assist you on this matter. Please state your paper ID in the e-mail when contacting us.



FAQ on Abstract

B1. Can I submit my abstract in other language?
Please submit the abstract in English only. Please submit your abstract in one paragraph and in plain text via the COMET registration system (http://registration.sdewes.org/iclca20).


B2. I do not receive the notification of abstract results.
Only the designated corresponding author, assigned by the submitting author during submission, will receive the notification of acceptance. Please check the email spam folder of the corresponding author. Alternatively, both the submitting author and corresponding authors can log in to the system to check the status of the paper. 


B3. Can I edit my abstract and author details after submission?

Yes, only the corresponding author and submitting author are allowed to edit the abstract and the details for authors. To edit the abstract, please go the list of paper and click the gear icon (Settings) on the top right corner of your paper ID.


B4. I am the corresponding author and submitting author. Why I cannot edit my abstract?

It is likely that your abstract has been copy pasted together with some formatting elements. To resolve this issues, please contact the system support team at e-mail: iclca20@sdewes.org, please cite your paper ID in the e-mail.



C1. I am only interested to publish in CET, without presenting my paper. Can I do so?
In order to be considered for publication in CET, the authors must present the paper during the conference. In case of emergency, you may assign one of the co-authors as the representative to present.


C2. Why do I need to pay for separate fees to publish in CET?

The registration fee only covers the registration and presentation of the paper(s) in the conference. The additional fees is paid for the review and basic editing work and publication fee in CET. Please login to the COMET system to check the additional publication fee.


C3. Why the author needs to be responsible for the formatting of the CET paper?

We seek the collaboration from the authors to produce a camera-ready document with proper formatting. Extra fee may be charged if the paper is poorly formatted.


C4. The format of CET is very strict. What are the tips?

Always use the correct template. Read the guideline in the template and guideline while preparing the full paper (you can find both documents in the COMET system). Please pay attention to the citation style, reference format, minimised redundant words, please use S.I. unit and its symbol correctly. Alternatively, you can refer to the published article in Vol. 78: https://www.aidic.it/cet/20/78/programma.html.


C5. The editors may be perceived as too meticulous (or ridiculous). How could we reduce the number of revision round?

Please follow carefully the instruction in the template and pay attention to the details to refine the format accordingly. Please pay extra attention to the errors highlighted by the reviewer/editor prior to the re-submission (Note: The technical team will Not help you edit those format errors or it would incur extra changes).

C6. Why my full paper is not accepted for CET publication?
For the paper to be accepted for publication in CET, the paper should satisfy all the following requirements: the paper is revised as per the comments of editors and reviewers; complete the revision before the due date; complete the payment; and complete the copyright transfer agreement. Most importantly, the scopes of the study are suitable/acceptable for CET (you could refer to those previous volumes of CET published).



D1. Are all the accepted submissions will be invited for JCLEPRO SI?

No, this would depends on the scopes of the study. Invitation for submission to this SI will be made around November to December 2020. If you do not receive any invitation by 31 December 2020, it indicates that your paper has not been selected.


D2. What are the evaluation criteria to be invited for JCLEPRO SI?
For those who only submitted an Abstract only, it will be based on quality of abstract and the presentation slides. For those who have submitted a full paper, it will be based on the quality of the CET paper and the presentation slides. Most importantly, the scopes are suitable for JCLEPRO.


D3. How would I know if my paper will stand a great chance to be considered/accepted for publication in the JCLEPRO SI once being invited/submitted?

Please take note that all papers invited to submit a paper to the SI will still subject to the normal review process. Currently, JCLEPRO has about 50% of desk rejection. It is recommended that you e-mail your manuscript to the technical team (iclcatech@gmail.com) for pre-screening before submitted to the journal, we will help check the paper.


D4. How do I know whether I have been invited for SI in JCLEPRO?

All invited authors shall receive an email from the guest editors of JCLEPRO around November to December 2020.


D5. Can I reuse my content of CET for JCLEPRO?

No, this will be considered as self-plagiarism. The authors need to significantly extend the works for new contribution to consider for publication in JCLEPRO.  Please run a similarity index to check to avoid potential plagiarism issues. 


FAQ on Registration and Payment

E1. How do I proceed for the registration and payment?

The payment can be done via COMET system. Please login to the COMET system and click on FEE/REGISTRATION tab. Before making the registration and payment, make sure you are being assigned as the presenter by the submitting authors. Please refer to the B3 to change the author details.


E2. I have made the full payment, but I would like to withdraw my paper. Is it possible?
Unfortunately all fee paid is non-refundable, considering that all fees charged where reasonable low. Refund will incur significant bank changes and currency exchanges loss.

E3. Can I request an invoice before making the payment? As I would like to pay directly from my research grant.

Please contact ysgao2199@sjtu.edu.cn (Dr. Gao) for the invoice.  Please state your Paper ID when contacting Dr Gao.

E4. There are two currency stated in the system? Which currency should I refer to?

Payment currency will be based on RMB. The other stated currency is for reference only.

FAQ on Presentation

F1. How the online presentation is going to be carried out?
More information will be released soon.

F2. How can I change the presenter? Up to what latest date I could do so?

You could change the presenter by edit your abstract. To edit the abstract, please go the list of paper and click the gear icon (Settings) on the top right corner of your paper ID. Noted that only the corresponding author and submitting author are allowed to edit the abstract and the details for authors.

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